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May 30, 1997

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    Pick from a selection of articles selected by our editors from the recent pages of our news providers. Subscribers will find all articles from last semester's issues of The Current, our weekly newsmagazine, in the site archives. The Current will return in early August.

    The Washington Post

    One Angry Man
    Paul Butler wants black jurors to put loyalty to race above loyalty to the law. (May 30, 1997)

    Turf Diplomacy At State Department
    Reorganization of agencies stirs tensions over priorities, vocations. (May 28, 1997)

    Marshall Plan Changed the Face of Europe
    Fifty years ago, America's postwar aid program planted seeds for continental union. (May 25, 1997)

    Campaign Primer's First Lesson: Cash Flows From Contacts
    This is how Sen. Torricelli raised $9 million last year (May 18, 1997)

    Basic Training
    'Children First!' is the rallying cry in General Becton's campaign to remake the D.C. schools. But there are times when the system he inherited won't allow it. (May 11, 1997)

    'Now Say Goodbye to Diane'
    They were homeless, and she took them home. They were sick, and she helped heal them. Two and a half years later, she lost them forever. The story of Diane Hendel doesn't offer easy answers about the 450,000 American kids in foster care. Instead, it raises the question: What's best for the children in a case like this? (May 4, 1997)

    National Journal

    Bashing The Bench
    Forget Bill Clinton. Conservative Republicans are denouncing the federal judiciary as Public Enemy No. 1 for invalidating popular initiatives. The GOP is determined to rein in "activist"' judges by any means possible--including the threat of impeachment. (May 31, 1997)

    Just Connect
    Common sense suggests that people find jobs by knowing the right people. The Clinton Administration is pondering a strategy for matching jobs to welfare recipients trying to get into the workforce. (May 31, 1997)

    Psyched Out
    The Americans With Disabilities Act was designed to protect the rights of workers with psychiatric problems as well as those with physical impairments. But what constitutes mental illness? New government guidelines may complicate the issue even more. (May 24, 1997)

    Raging Moderates
    America's fourth-biggest foundation--the Pew Charitable Trusts-- is no longer a sleepy family charity. Instead, it's boldly plunging into the Washington policy fray, striking more than a few sparks in the process. (May 10, 1997)

    No Place To Go
    Nobody wants the tons of radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants. Utilities say the waste should go to Nevada instead of being stored on site. Nevada's congressional delegation says it should stay put. And activists worry about waste shipments going through their communities. (May 10, 1997)

    The Los Angeles Times

    Future Presidents Could Feel the Sting of Paula Jones Case
    If the never-ending tension between the presidency and the Congress is seen as a seesaw, the presidential end of the tottering board took on a new weight this week. And it wasn't doing too well to begin with. (May 29, 1997)

    The Puzzle of Public Housing Reform
    Thousands of public housing projects across the country--21 of them in Los Angeles alone--stand as ugly monuments to the Depression era. (May 27, 1997)

    Contrary Message on Teenage Pregnancy
    Study by Prof. Joseph Hotz finds childbearing by adolescents is a symptom of problems, not the cause. His conclusions aren't welcome on the political right or left. (May24, 1997)

    Is The U.S. Keeping Too Many Secrets?
    Government's penchant for classifying information has helped conspiracy theories flourish. But Cold War's end, Internet access aid forces of openness. (May 17, 1997)

    Congress Braces For Renewed Salvos In 'Culture War'
    Politics: Budget deal blurred parties' differences. Returning to debate on social issues offers chance to stress their clashing visions. (May 14, 1997)

    Balanced-Budget Deal May Tip Scales Toward A New Kind Of Washington
    It's not the end of history, not even the end of politics. Lots of tough haggling remains over the details, and critics will have plenty of opportunities to derail the entire train as it chugs through Congress. (May 12, 1997)


    From Welfare to Work
    Wisconsin's tough rules transform a mother and her caseworker. (May 26, 1997)

    Government Executive

    Competing with Convicts
    Federal Prison Industries Inc., is doing a booming business selling goods manufactured by federal prisoners to government agencies. Its private-sector competitors aren't happy. (June 1997)

    Results or ELSE
    Managers are stretching to measure up as Government Performance and Results Act strategic plans come due this fall. (June 1997)