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diamond Edwin Diamond was media critic for New York magazine from 1985 until 1994. He also has been a senior editor at Newsweek and has worked for newspapers, wire services, and television stations in Chicago, Washington, Boston, and New York while publishing 10 books on the media. A professor of journalism at New York University, he also is director of its News Study Group. The paperback edition of his White House to Your House: Media and Politics in Virtual America is scheduled for publication this month by The MIT Press.

mcclendon During her 53 years as a news correspondent in Washington, Sarah McClendon has covered 11 presidents, beginning with FDR, and has asked 10 of them questions at press conferences. She has worked for print media and radio and, since 1946, has operated the McClendon News Service. She publishes a biweekly newsletter, Sarah McClendon's Washington Report, and lectures frequently. Her second book, Mr. President, Mr. President, was published last October. This is her first visit to the Internet.

starobin Paul Starobin covers politics for National Journal. He also writes about the news media and is a contributing editor of The Columbia Journalism Review. He has written for publications including The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times, and is a frequent guest commentator on television and radio. Prior to joining NJ in 1989, he had worked for Congressional Quarterly's Weekly Report and the Lowell (Mass.) Sun and written public-policy case studies for Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.