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PoliticsNow Classroom is a paid subscription service

PoliticsNow Classroom is a paid site, accessible to registered subscribers only. Although the Classroom references specific Houghton Mifflin texts, it is designed to be generally useful to introductory American Government courses. Teachers and students using other titles, as well as anyone with an interest in civics education, also may subscribe. There are no restrictions on who may subscribe to PoliticsNow Classroom but only registered faculty can access the Faculty Lounge area of the site.

For the Spring '97 semester, the Classroom site references four Houghton Mifflin texts:

  • Kenneth Janda, Jeffrey M. Berry, Jerry Goldman. The Challenge of Democracy, Fifth Edition. 1997 copyright.
  • James Q. Wilson. American Government: Brief Version, Fourth Edition. 1997 copyright.
  • Alan R. Gitelson, Robert Dudley, and Melvin J. Dubnick. American Government, Fourth Edition. 1996 copyright.
  • William Lasser. American Politics: Institutions and Interconnections. 1996 copyright.

Subscriptions to the Classroom come in four categories:

  • Students who purchase a new copy of one of these Houghton Mifflin texts receive a six-month student subscription, which begins the first time a student logs onto the site, for only $10.*
  • All other subscribers (including students buying used Houghton Mifflin texts or other titles) can purchase a six-month subscription for $25.
  • Site licenses also are available on a per semester, per department basis.
  • Instructors using either Houghton Mifflin texts or other titles who choose to offer this supplement to their students will receive a free faculty subscription for the length of the academic year.

Student buyers of new Houghton Mifflin texts must purchase the PoliticsNow Classroom package, which includes the Houghton Mifflin text and a username and password card required for initial registration. PNClassroom packages will have identifying stickers on the front of the textbook.

Other students can subscribe by calling our student subscriber service center at 1-800-207-8001 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET. Payment is by credit card only and new subscribers will receive a username and password via email.

Any student with questions about the subscription or registration process should call our student subscriber service center at the above number for assistance.

Instructors who wish to subscribe or receive more information about PoliticsNow Classroom, including site licensing, should contact their Houghton Mifflin sales representative or call Houghton Mifflin's faculty services center at 1-800-733-1717. Instructors with questions about subscribing or registering should also call this number for assistance.

Questions or comments about PoliticsNow Classroom should be directed to our Webmaster.

*The net price of the text plus the PNClassroom subscription are subject to normal bookstore markups.