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  • Much of government consists of reckoning with the consequences, intentional or otherwise, of public policy. This week our news providers treat several examples of that process. The Washington Post examines some of the litigation spawned by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Los Angeles Times looks at the difficulties faced by California state agencies that must implement the recently upheld rollback of affirmative action. The Times also reports on a study that foresees awful consequences for the communities in Los Angeles affected by welfare reform. And National Journal includes pieces on the alleged benefits of giving free TV time to political candidates and on the aftermath of one closing of a major military base.

    Sarah McClendon Visits The Classroom

    Sarah McClendon, who cut her teeth covering the Truman administration and today is the senior member of the White House press corps, comes to the Classroom's Political Exchange later this month. She'll be joining media critic Edwin Diamond and National Journal's Paul Starobin for a weeklong discussion of political reporting in America today. Tune in April 28 - May 2 for the debate.

    University of Kansas professor Burdett Loomis joined the Midwest Political Science Association's annual meeting in Chicago last week for a digital dialogue with National Journal Congressional specialist Richard E. Cohen in Washington. Read the full transcript.

    Who was the first president to attend Harvard?

    Overheard. . .
    No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law.
    --Emma Goldman, American anarchist, (1869-1940).

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